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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hallo, Hallo

I come to my telephone with a heavy thumb.  Sad but true.  I've been around the world on my telephone but it's never been uninterrupted.  How many times have I wound up in Macy's Department Store in  Colombo,Ceylon; or stopped in at  Chicago City Hall, or wound up on the west coast of Hawaii wondering why I'm interested in a time share at Komoniwannabethere Resort. Other times I realize I just signed up for a whole flock of newsletters at Maybe I  figured out too late that I just spent $10 for a new phone book when I thought I was updating my contact list. I'm starting to believe  that it's not me, but  my heavy thumbs. And I'm still thinking will I forever be doomed to Fat Thumb Syndrome, or will The Phone Company figure out what to do?  -dP

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