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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lets Hook Up

If it's a long day and you really want to "hook up" but don't want to do any work, try this:  Put an unlit cigarette in your mouth and let a woman suck the other end for a few seconds.  It's called False Positive Sex and it's as good as True Positive sex which is the same as simultaneous orgasms. You could do the same thing between two men but men do it under a new towards full moon while hetero couples do it under a full towards new moon. Lesbians don't do it without a male hook up first and then only under the full towards new moon like a hetero couple, but they don't need a cigarette with another women, just a man so they're seen in the eyes as a hetero couple. Men would show up in the eyes as hetero couples also but all of this is true if the days of the week are different for homo couples and hetero couples.  Lesbian couples use the same days as hetero couples and the electronics of human sexuality and biology keeps everyone in their proper circles so no one is offended.   It will soon be all the rage around the world.  Sex without the work or worry.  -dP

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