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Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Other Hat On

What's a Red Hat Lady and what do they do?  Well the first time I ever saw them, I thought that they were a bunch of sheriff's deputies dressed in drag trying to solve a cold case.  Not so.  Red Hat ladies are a social group that get together every so often for lunch.   They have an official outfit: A big red hat and a purple dress.  Why red and purple?  Ostensibly because red and purple don't match.  But whatever. What I figured out is this:  they get together once a month to talk about their red blooded husbands' purple hearts.  It turns out their purple hearts are not won in battle.  It's the battle between the sexes that they discuss. And after their luncheon, they go back home and tell their husbands that they had a great time with the girls. I'd tell their husbands just ask them what's for dinner and leave it at that.  -dP

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