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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I Told You So

For months the news media has been saying that Donald J. Trump had no way to win this election unless this that and the other thing happened.  There were several ways for him to win.  Hillary Clinton had a straight path to the White House. But in my opinion she had only one way to win.  Figure out how to make sure the Trump machine had no way to make any combination of ways to win.  So Mr Trump said to his team  "this is how they say is the only way to win.  If we lose here, then we have to win there and so on and so forth."  So CBS NBC ABC Fox MSNBC CNN and others proceeded to tell the Trump team how to go about winning the election.  If you don't win there, then you must win over there and there and so on and so forth.  And so it was, and so it is.  Congratulations Mr Trump and congratulations to the American news media for you insight. -dP

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