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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Who Are We?

We spend lots of time every four years wondering who are these Presidential Candidates and what do they stand for.  But have we ever stopped to think, who are the people that are supporting these candidates.  Polls pundits and demographers aside what does it mean if we've come down to describing people as 'deplorables', 'old white men', 'pigs', and  'red necks', 'racists', 'Nazis ' and these are just to name a few descriptions of the electorate. Who are we as a people?  Where do we come from and is this who we are?  Maybe we should take a closer look at ourselves and say "maybe I don't want to be described that way. or maybe that's really who I am and maybe I should think about whether I want to be seen as such."  Any way we see ourselves, how do others see us?   -dP

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